The first steps in creating a disaster preparedness plan are determining your needs and evaluating your resources. The tools in this section will help guide you through the assessment process, identifying the strengths and weakness of your institution's disaster response readiness.

Council of State Archivists Assessment
North Carolina SHRAB Disaster Preparedness Survey


In the planning stages of developing an overall plan, it is important to secure agency commitment to the process, identify all partners, and determine the extent of what your plan will address. The links in this section will help identify all the parameters to be included in a plan.

LYRASIS Disaster Prevention and Planning
LYRASIS provides a step-by-step planning guide for developing a disaster preparedness plan.
North Carolina Preservation Consortium Workshop
The materials at this link were created by the North Carolina Preservation Consortium for a series of statewide workshops sponsored by the North Carolina SHRAB. This document guides the planning process, provides scenarios, and lists helpful links and a bibliography.
Northeast Document Conservation Center
      Disaster Planning
      In its series of online preservation leaflets, the NEDCC provides a narrative overview of       the fundamentals when considering the development of a disaster preparedness plan.
      Worksheet for Outlining a Disaster Plan
      Another in its series of online leaflets, the NEDCC provides an extensive checklist of       emergency contacts, supplies, services, and salvage priorities.


Using the templates in this section will allow you to individualize a disaster preparedness or emergency response document for your organization or institution.

A Disaster Plan for Libraries and Archives, Amigos Library Services
Disaster Planning Example Disaster Recovery Plan, Texas State Library and Archives
Generic Disaster Plan Work Book, California Preservation Program
Library Disaster Plan Template, California Preservation Program