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Executive Order 18: E-mail Retention and Archiving


In 2009, ITS obtained the e-mail archiving system Mimosa™, in order to comply with E.O.18, Governor Perdue's e-mail and archiving policy.   This system will automatically save your e-mail in real time and is a mirror of your e-mail account. It captures all of the messages as well as the organizational structure of your account. Listed below are instruction on how you can access and search for your archived e-mail.  NOTE: E.O.18 is only mandated for most Executive Branch Agencies, and not all of these agencies use Mimosa™. Ask your supervisor or Chief Records Officer to find out if you are required to comply with E.O.18.

Accessing the Mimosa™ Archive Client

To access your archived email, click on the Mimosa™ Archive folder located in toolbar on the left side of your Outlook™ or Webmail. Enter your log on information when you are prompted.



Quick Search your e-mail archive


Advanced Search Options

The advanced search allows you to add specified criteria that will help you refine the search of your archived materials.     Additional search fields include to/from tab, dates sent or received, and the option to perform a keyword search of a specific section of an email (i.e. subject, body, attachment, etc.).   Results of your search will appear below the search function.


Browse your Mimosa™ Archive folder

Mimosa™ gives you the option to browse your archived e-mail.   Click the "browse" tab to open the browse page.   Your archive mimics the organization of your e-mail folders and you will find individual e-mails in the last place you placed it.     If you keep your folders well-organized, then it will be easier to find your email messages in your archive folder.



Additional Mimosa Training

For more extensive information on using Mimosa, including video tutorials, please refer to the ITS training website at http://www.its.nc.gov/serviceCatalog/unifiedCommunications/tech.aspx.

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