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Welcome to "Managing Your Inbox: E-mail as a Public Record." As a state employee, you create public records in your day-to-day job that are the property of the people. The public expects you to manage these records, in whatever format, to ensure that they are available when requested or required.

A discussion of public records laws and the expectations for state employees is on the next page.

This online tutorial takes about 45 minutes to complete and must be completed in one session. Throughout the tutorial, a list of resources or links may appear in the sidebar on the left. These include other publications and guides created by the Government Records Branch, Archives and Records Section of the Department of Cultural Resources, as well as resources created by other states and federal agencies.

When you are ready to start the tutorial, move through the pages using the page numbers at the top of each page, or by clicking on "Previous Page" and "Next Page" at the bottom of the page. Next to the page numbers at the top of the page, move your mouse over TOC to see the Table of Contents as a drop-down box with page numbers and the section titles that can be used to jump to a specific section.

Throughout the tutorial you will find Quiz Me and Self Check icons that you should click to answer short matching or true/false questions. Information about the quizzes you complete will be tracked and at the end of the tutorial you will have the option to print a certificate of your results.   Employees subject to Executive Order No. 18 (E.O. No. 18) Email Retention and Archiving Policy, issued by Governor Beverly Perdue must print the certificate and send a copy to the Human Resources Director of their agency.   Employees not subject to E.O. No.18 do not have to report their results unless required by your agency.     To print a copy of the tutorial for your records, click the print all link located in the top right-hand corner.   If you are unable to print a certificate, please contact the State Archives of North Carolina at 919-807-7350. We can print one and send it to you.

Additionally, this tutorial will give employees some instruction on the E-mail Archiving System, Mimosa™.


This tutorial will cover:


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