Friends of the Archives, Inc.

"No people who are indifferent to their past need hope to make their future great." —R. D. W. Connor
The State Archives of North Carolina has a dual role— preserve the words and images of North Carolina's past and make them available now and for future generations. The Archives is a nationally recognized leader in collecting, arranging, and preserving its valuable holdings. Scholars and other researchers from all over the world come to use its resources. The Archives is funded and operated by the State of North Carolina and is open to everyone.

The Friends of the Archives, Inc., (FOA) was formed in 1977 as a support group for theState Archives of North Carolina. With volunteered time and financial contributions, the Friends have purchased valuable documents for the Archives, among them the 1775 Mouzon Map of North Carolina, the Fort Fisher Log Book for 1864, and the Duberman Collection of Black Mountain College papers. The Friends have provided copies of Revolutionary War account books when the originals were threatened by constant use.

The FOA sponsors workshops for both beginning and advanced researchers. The support group has funded an automated orientation program to introduce first-time visitors to the Archives, and it has purchased 75 new chairs to replace worn ones used by researchers in the Search Room.

The FOA helped to establish the North Carolina Preservation Consortium. Individual members of the organization have contributed substantial sums to support archival preservation and to sponsor graduate student internships in the Archives.

The support of the Friends continues; however, if current plans and future projects are to succeed, the group needs your help.

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