1898 Wilmington Race Riot Bibliography

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Secondary Sources

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Unpublished Works

• Cody, Sue Ann. "After the Storm: Racial Violence in Wilmington, North Carolina and Its Consequences for African Americans." Master's thesis, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 2000.

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Primary Sources

Branson's North Carolina Business Directory, 1897. Raleigh, N.C.: Levi Branson, 1897.

Wilmington, N.C., City Directory, 1897. Richmond, Va.: J. L. Hill Printing Co., 1897

Wilmington, N.C., City Directory, 1900. Richmond, Va.: J. L. Hill Printing Co., 1899 The next directory for Wilmington was this 1900 volume.

Published Comtemporary Sources
Kirk, J. Allen. Statement of the Facts Concerning the Bloody Riot in Wilmington, N.C., of Interest to Every Citizen in the United States. Wilmington, N.C.?: J. Allen Kirk?, 1898?

Local Government Records, North Carolina State Archives
New Hanover County
     Court Records
          Circuit Criminal Court/Eastern District Criminal Court Minutes, 1895-1901
          Superior Court Minutes, 1806-1910
     County Commissioners Minutes, 1887-1918
     Incorporations, 1879-1906 (broken series in storage boxes) & 1885-1904 (two volumes on microfilm)
     Land Records (microfilm)
          Deeds, 1734-1941
          Index to Real Estate Conveyances, Grantor, 1729-1954
          Index to Real Estate Conveyances, Grantee, 1729-1954
     Tax Records, 1779-1909
     Tax Lists (microfilm), 1856-1900

Town of Wilmington
     Town Council Minutes (microfilm), 1883-1911

Federal Government Records
Compendium of US Census: 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910.

Papers of President McKinley

Population Census (microfilm), 1880 and 1900 (1890 census was destroyed by fire.)

US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. "Negro Population, 1790-1915."

State Government Records
Office of the Adjutant General
     Adjutant General's correspondence file, 1771-1984

Office of the Governor, Daniel L. Russell, 1897-1901
      Letters and papers, 1897-1901
      Letter books, 1897-1901

Manuscript Collections
Association of the Wilmington Light Infantry Papers. UNC-CH

John D. Bellamy Papers, UNC-CH.

Col. Thomas Clawson Papers, UNC-CH and Duke.

Henry G. Connors Papers, UNC-CH.

Cronly Family Papers, Duke University.

Duggan-Pritchard-Taylor Papers. Wake Forest University.

Michael Glancy Collection. UNC-W, Randall Library.

John Steele Henderson Papers, UNC-CH, Southern Historical Collection

McDonald-Howe Family Papers. UNC-W, Randall Library

Alex Manly Papers, ECU.

William B. McKoy Papers. Lower Cape Fear Historical Society Archives, Wilmington, NC.

Meares and DeRosset Family Papers, UNC-CH, Southern Historical Collection

Elizabeth Moore Collection. NC State Archives

Louis T. Moore Collection NC State Archives

Mrs. Roger Moore Letter, UNC-W, Randall Library

Murphy Papers. Duke University.

Edward A. Oldham Papers. Duke University.

Edmund Smithwick and Family Papers, NC State Archives

Alfred Waddell Papers, UNC-CH

Wootten Collection, UNC-W, Randall Library


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Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Atlanta 1906: A Race Riot.

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